1. The entire machine adopts a computer numerical control servo system, PAC, and human-machine interface, making circuit control simpler, more reliable, and more stable.
This machine adopts automatic feeding, including servo, tension, deviation correction paper receiving table, ultrasonic electric eye, electrostatic eliminator and other configurations, making the feeding and discharging more stable and smooth.
3. The printing components are equipped with multiple pneumatic devices, which can freely lift and lower the printing head device and screen frame device, making it convenient to clean the screen and add or subtract ink.
4. The host adopts a fully servo feeding system, which is fast and accurate, and can achieve multiple high-precision printing. It is controlled by photoelectric tracking, precise automatic alignment, point alignment, and more accurate color matching. The feeding adopts an suction drum, making it less prone to deformation during the repeated printing of thin materials.
5. Equipped with a punching device that can accurately punch holes in materials
6. The material receiving unit has servo motor control and a hot stamping material receiving tension system.
7. The UV system can be equipped with a single lamp dual lamp system.
Max.Printing Width 400mm 600mm
Max.Printing Size 350x500 500x700
Max.Frame Size 650x800 850x1100
Max.Printing Speed 6000次/分钟9000 times/.min
Power 三相四线380V38KW
Net weight 1670kg
Dimensions(L x Wx H) 4100×1550×1850mm

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