-MH-Y570 Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine

1. Pet, PVC, PC, BOPP, PE, PP self-adhesive and other materials are especially suitable for all kinds of thin material printing, such as PET film.
Operation process: raw materials → automatic feeder → automatic printer (automatic punching, printing, quality inspection and automatic pulling) → automatic oven → automatic winding → finished products
2. It is mainly suitable for printing large-area products such as air conditioning panel, notebook panel, refrigerator panel, washing machine panel, graphene / electric heating film, self-adhesive color automobile labeling, various fishing rods, ski rods, club water transfer printing, etc.
1. The control circuit system of the whale machine adopts programmable logic controller( PLC ) to makes the circuit control simple reliable and stable
2. Stepping motor( Figure 1)is used to avod the instabaty of prating color cover caused by uneven tenson caused by the change of disc size
3.The printing device( Figure 2)and the net frame device( Figure 3)are equipped with cylinders. The printing device can automatically lift the head. without manpower and convenient operation. After the head is lifted, the net frame can be raised automatically, and the net plate i easily scrubbed.
4. The drying device( Figure 4)can rise and fall automaticaly, making use of the air circulaton structure to make the hot gas circulate and play the role of energy saving and high efficiency.( more than 30%o energy saving than trad ional drying equipment
5. The ful servo belt system( Figure 6) is used to compensate for the inaccuracy of the traditional pneumatic motor due to the influence of air pressure, and the durability of the conveyor belt is ncreased by more than30%.
6. It can prnt al kinds of rolls of fabnc belts, rubber bands, woven label, leather materials, etc, which has the advantage of no color loss, and can print white words on black and white background, especially suitable for deep background color large area field printing, with excellent effect. According to the material and usage of the product, the product needs the thickness of the ink
layer, the bnlliance, the fastness, the glossiness and the durability using the diferent screen prnting method and the ink, may carry on the automatic continuous printing n the entire roll type belt material surface
Model MH-Y350 MH-Y570 MH-Y680
Max. Printing width 350mm 600mm 650mm
Max. Printing size 300*400 550*700 600*800
Max. Frame size 600*800 850*1100 900*1200
Thickness of the material 0.05-0.5mm
Max. Printing speed 9000times/min
Compressed air 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Power 220V 3KW
Dimensions 2800x1000x1650mm 3150x1160x1650mm 3380x1260x1650mm
Feeding machine
Model MH-F350A MH-F570A MH-F680A
Power 220V/2A  0.3KW
Tension ≤0.1
Dimensions 1100x900x1200mm 1100x1050x1200mm 1100x1200x1200mm
Model MH-F350 MH-F570 MH-F680
Dimensions 2900x900x2200mm 2900x1100x2200mm


Internal circulation meters 60(40,80)
Power Single-phase220V 100A,Three-phase 380V  40A,Three-phase 220V 60A
Power 22KW 25KW 27KW
Temperature range Normaltemperature-140°C

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