1. Performance: This machine adopts numerical control control system, and the power adopts servo motor to drive the reducer to make the machine run more stable;
2. Features: This machine has the characteristics of compact structure and simple operation
1. It has three cutting functions: ultrasonic cutting, cold cutting and hot cutting;
2. Each function has three kinds of folding methods: single cut, centre-fold, and end-fold. In these methods, there is no need to change the mold, and it has the function of discharging waste, especially no need to replace the mold function, providing practically and convenience for customers, this function is deeply loved by customers.
3.The machine adopts automatic frequency tracking 30K ultrasonic wave. In the work of the equipment, it can automatically adjust the frequency and use the instantaneous high temperature to cut. The welding firmness of cutting is 20%-30% higher than the traditional 20K ultrasonic wave.
4. The stepping motor is used to drive the rear feeding roller to keep pace with the front feeding roller. Compared with the traditional motor feeding device, the material rolling phenomenon can be well avoided;
5. When the machine is in the work, if the material is not inclined or the finishing is not in place, it can be finely adjusted without disassembling the pulling claws, so that the trademark folds more neatly.

1.At both ends to fold: trademark after folding the longest size 165 mm, the shortest 30 mm size.

Actual: 30-150 - mm (152 mm)

2. The middle fold: trademark after folding the longest size 80 mm, the shortest size 15 mm.

Cut off the way

Ultrasound, cold cuts, eagerly

Fold to form

Single cut, folded in half, both sides fold

Cutting speed

230 (a/minutes to 50 mm)

The power supply

AC:220V ,50Hz(60Hz)

Overall dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


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