MHR-62S-Type High-speed Flexo Label Printing Machine

1. Color firmness, wash durable, non-fading, it can print various tape-type materials.
2. The gear plate cylinder can be freely exchanged to modify the printing length.
3. Its printing color is bright, firm and accurate registering.
4. It is characterized by ease, flexibility of operation, with sound reliable mechanic Performance.
5. It can print white characters in white ink on the black tape-type materials
This machine finishes the printing through the high precision mesh cylinder to convey the ink evenly to the printing cylinders which then directly print the ink by pressing on the tape surface. After that they are dried through the drying system. Then the whole printing is finished. It has 6 kinds of printing cylinders for the user to exchange. In this way, it changes the printing length, featuring accurate printing. It can print 60 meters per hour. It can be the substitute for the mesh printing machine.

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