1. The whole machine adopts the latest computer numerical control servo system, PLC and man-machine interface, which makes the circuit control simpler, more reliable and more stable.
2. This machine adopts automatic feeder. The feeder adopts JSCC precision motor, which uses Taiwan FOTEK photoelectric sensor, and discharge magnetic powder tension controller and gas rising shaft device, combined with the receiving table and static eliminator. The delivery material is more stable and smooth.
3. The printing part is equipped with multiple pneumatic devices, which can freely lift and lower the printing head device and the net frame device, and is convenient for scrubbing the screen and adding and subtracting ink.
4. The main machine adopts full servo pulling system, which is fast and accurate, and can achieve multiple high-precision printing; it is controlled by photocell tracking, precise automatic registration, more precise point-to-color; suction drum is selected for pulling material, which is not easy to deform in the process of repeated printing of thin material.
5. With a punching device, it can accurately punch holes in the material.
6. Equipped with quality inspection desk, which is helpful for timely detection of problems, so as to avoid waste. On both sides of the inspection desk, there are carved scale, which can better locate the material.
7. It is equipped with a three-dimensional constant temperature oven, featuring the following points: First, the floor space is small; Second, the use of constant temperature circulation baking method, also equipped with four independent adjustment and control heating, accurate temperature, conducive to the baking of printed matter It can guarantee the printing material is not easy to shrink and deform, and it is very good to realize the characteristics of energy saving; Third, the circulation inside the oven is 40 meters, 60 meters, 80 meters, and customers can choose according to their own requirements.
8. Automatic rectification and rewinding machine, the winding material is neat and beautiful, and it is convenient for secondary printing.
Applications: PET, PVC, PC, BOPP, PE, PP, stickers and other plastic coils, especially suitable for all types of thin material printing, such as PET film.Operation process: raw material→automatic feeder→automatic printing machine (automatic punching, printing, quality inspection, automatic drawing)→automatic oven→automatic winding→finished product
Model MH-Y350 MH-Y570 MH-Y680
Max. Printing width 350mm 600mm 650mm
Max. Printing size 300*400 550*700 600*800
Max. Frame size 600*800 850*1100 900*1200
Thickness of the material 0.05-0.5mm
Max. Printing speed 9000times/min
Compressed air 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Power 220V 3KW
Dimensions 2800x1000x1650mm 3150x1160x1650mm 3380x1260x1650mm
Feeding machine
Model MH-F350A MH-F570A MH-F680A
Power 220V/2A  0.3KW
Tension ≤0.1
Dimensions 1100x900x1200mm 1100x1050x1200mm 1100x1200x1200mm
Model MH-F350 MH-F570 MH-F680
Dimensions 2900x900x2200mm 2900x1100x2200mm


Internal circulation meters 60(40,80)
Power Single-phase220V 100A,Three-phase 380V  40A,Three-phase 220V 60A
Power 22KW 25KW 27KW
Temperature range Normaltemperature-140°C

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