MHJ-900- Label Cutting and Folding Machine

MHJ - 900 type label shearing and folding machine is of a compact structure and simple operation and an automatic sliding path of label and able to shear and fold 5 types of trademarks by only replacing the mould, uses a nixie circuit to actuate the main machine and carry out a soft initiation and is fitted with a high performance photoelectric system to automatically identify trademarks and stop at once in case of no trademark of a false one. Futhermore. The system holds the feature of adjustable label length without any tool and can be separately fitted with an electronic eye system upon the need of users. This system is mainly used for pnnting labels and cutting and folding those without push-line.
Model MHJ-900
shearing and folding types 1.End Fold  2.Centre Fold 3.Length Fold 4.Triangle Fold 5. cut into shices
Cutting type 1、Cooled shearing 2、Hot Cutshearing
Cutting Length 15-150mm
Cutting Width 10-75mm
Cutting Speed 30-200/min
Power Single-phase 220V / 50—60HZ
Consumption 1.8kw
horsepower 1/2Hp
Weight 295KG
Dimensions 1100 x 950 x 1620mm

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