MHQ-70G-Micro-computer High-speed Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine

1. This machine uses 30K ultrasound to work, using its instant high temperature,the welding firmness is 20%-30% better than the traditional 20K ultrasound.
2.Without noises.
3.Using double motor drivers to adjust the cutter, it is much more easier to adjust the cutter pressure though computer program.
4.Using stepping motor driver can keep the back feeding roller synchronized with the front feeding roller. Compared with the traditional feeding device, the newdevice can avoid the situation that the tape rolled because the discharging length isn' t controlled well.
5.This machine can cut different materials at the speed of 700 times per minute by the microcomputer controlled system. Furthermore, it also has functions like multiple types of marking lines, excluding the wastes and eliminating static electricity. All of this make this machine indispensable equipment in label printing and cutting market.
Cutting Length 1-1000mm
Cutting Width 1-70mm
Cutting Speed 700pcs/Min (5cm)
Power 220V/1.8KW
Weight 175Kg
Dimension 1600×600×1200mm

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