MHL-1008S- Double-side High-speed Rotary Label Printing Machine

The rotary machine is one of MINGHUI brand 1-8 color high speed rotary printing machine. can under the high speed of 60m/min printing patterns and double-sided printing function at the same time, such as positive 6 color,/6 against 1/5against 2 /4against 3,and other functions. In our printing machine printed images is accurate and bright clarity, can printing all kinds of fabric tape, such as silk ribbon、satin ribbon, nylon belt, paper ribbon、cotton belt, elastic belt and so on ...
1. The machine use Danfoss (HOLIP) converter performance more stable.
2. Adopt crank connecting rod type is strung together, string together ink institutions make dough evenly.
3. Automatic lubricating device using machine no noise.
4. Independent printing, not affect the normal operation and less wear
5. The polymer plate replace steel metal version, greatly reduce the plate making fee
6. High speed, high efficiency,and printing clearer.
7. Machine design and production technology reasonable, operation is convenient and practical.
Model MHL-1002S
Printing Area MAX  394x95 mm
Printing Speed Standard 60m/min
Printing Materials ribbon,silk,nylon bands, cotton bands, paper bands, and elastic bands
Power 220V/1.8KW
Weight 750kg 800kg 850kg 950kg 1050kg 1200kg
Dimensions 1100x850x1400mm 1400x850x1400mm 1930x850x1650mm

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